``Joel has a unique perspective on planning for retirement. He gets excited about numbers and can explain what they can mean for your future. If you pay attention, you will learn.``


``I came to Reformed Financial Group because I had no idea if my insurance was fitting my needs anymore. My friends all seem to have different plans and most of them did not even know what they had. I really just needed an unbiased professional to explain all my options and help find the plan that is best for my needs. Reformed Financial Group far exceeds my expectations. I would recommend them to any of my friends or family.``


``My mom was ill and I just retired from the hospital. I reached out to Reformed Financial Group because I needed some company to help with my 403B. After time they helped educate me and found a plan that I could withdraw money each year to go on vacations and see my Kids and grandkids. I also wanted to make some money but most importantly never lose money. Well Joel Braschler with Reformed Financial Group met all my needs. I thank him for the help.``


``Enjoyed working with them. Truly wonderful and thoroughly professional people with a personal approach. Good company to take advice on Investment Related items. I highly recommend Reformed Financial Group. Two thumbs up.``


``I found Joel online. He was extremely helpful and professional in setting up our 2 meetings. Our first meeting was to define my financial goals and the second he helped me set up a plan that will help me save, pay for kids' college and allow me to retire much better and faster than if I kept trying to invest the way I had been. He is a great family man and very knowledgeable . I followed up on everything he said, double checked what he recommended and found him to be highly trustworthy.``


``Joel shares a wealth of retirement strategies and information throughout the process.I felt very comfortable and understood everything. I’ve learned a lot and enjoy his style. He’s really opening up my mind and making me seriously think about my future and how I’m going to achieve goals. Forever grateful for his kindness and wisdom.``